Welcome to Gymeration!

The following terms and conditions determine how Gymeration should be used.

1. Our services

Our vision is to make Earth the fittest planet in the universe. Therefore, we have created Gymeration to bring the fitness/sports community closer together. To achieve this goal, we offer the following services on Gymeration:

Social media

Gymeration offers features which bring a community closer together, just as you might already know from other social media platforms. You can follow users, users can follow you back. There is a feed, which allows you to post your content, such as pictures, videos, texts, recipes, workouts or a combination of them.


With Gymeration, your own workout plan is just a few taps away. You can choose from a large number of exercises to create your workout. You just have to write in sets and repetitions and you’re good to go.
As we mentioned before, you can share your workouts in your feed to make them available to your friends and followers. In return, you can see your friends’ workouts as well, and you can save them in your workout library if you want to try them out yourself.


Creating recipes is just as easy as creating workouts. You choose from a long list of ingredients, add instructions, and your delicious recipe is done. You can share your recipes in your feed and save your friends’ recipes that you’d like to try out.


The GymRadar does three things: First of all, it shows all the gyms near you. Secondly, once you tap on one, you see the gym’s basic information, such as opening hours, areas, equipment tanning, etc. And, lastly, the GymRadar shows you all users, who are currently working out in the gym you tapped on. So, the GymRadar is the perfect tool to find workout buddies and meet new friends. Just tap on their profile in the GymRadar und send them a message. If you do not want to show up on the GymRadar, you can easily turn off this feature.


You can use the chat to send private messages to other users.


If you notice that other users violate the terms and conditions or that a post is inappropriate, you can report them with just a few clicks. We will check the user or the post and take action, if necessary.

New features

We are constantly working on improving your experience on Gymeration. Therefore, we are developing new features for the app, which will lead to updates every now and then. It’s necessary to update the app on your phone to guarantee full functionality. Old versions will be inaccessible after a month to avoid possible bugs through multiple versions installed on your phone.

Around the world

We guarantee a global access to our services, so you can use Gymeration around the world. That makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your community when you’re travelling, for example. And if you want to work out while travelling, you can find gyms wherever you are with the GymRadar.

2. Data protection and privacy

We need to record and process personal data to provide the services mentioned above. Please read our data protection policy to find out more about how and why we process data.

In the settings you can manage your privacy in the app. If you set your profile on “private”, only users who follow you can see your private information, but only if you have accepted their follow request beforehand.

3. What we expect from you

To guarantee a fair and respectful community for everyone on Gymeration, we need you to accept the following conditions:

3.1. Conditions

3.2. What to share/not to share on Gymeration

On Gymeration, the community can exchange their thoughts and content about fitness and related topics. This exchange may never endanger the safety and comfort of other users and the community. That means:

We can delete any content, which violates our conditions, and take actions, if necessary.
We also want you to report content, which seems inappropriate to you or which insults/offends/discriminates you or other users.

3.3. What we’re allowed to do

1. Use of your content created and shared on Gymeration

Every content you post on Gymeration (photo, video, text, etc.) belongs to you and these terms and conditions do not take away your rights. You can share your content as you want. However, we need your legal permission, so you can use our services and we can use your content.
When you post or share content on or in relation to Gymeration, we have non-exclusive and worldwide licenses free of charge, which allow us to use, share, modify, copy, publish, translate and show your content or create similar content. That means, any post, photo or video, recipe or workout on Gymeration is available to us to copy, share, save or modify.
This license ends once you delete your content or your account. As described in our data policy, we can save specific content for a longer period of time or keep them on backups for different reasons.

2. Individual advertisement based on your interests

We’re allowed to show you ads which are based on your interests and the information you gave us about you. For example, we show you ads of products which could be useful for you depending on your goal.

3. Name, profile picture, subscriptions and information

We are allowed to use your name, your profile picture, your subscriptions and your information to suggest your account to other users. For example, if another user is interested in similar topics or has similar goals, they will be suggested to you to help you grow your community.

4. Updating the Gymeration App

By downloading Gymeration, you agree that we are authorized to update the app at any time. Therefore, you have to download the latest version of the app to guarantee full functionality.

3. 4. Using our intellectual property

You are only allowed to use our intellectual property (pictures, videos, designs, sounds, songs, etc.) if you’ve received our written permission beforehand. And even if you’ve received our permission, we still own the rights.

4. Additional conditions

4.1. Updating the terms and conditions

To guarantee a flawless use of Gymeration, we are constantly working on new features and improvements. That means, we have to update our terms and conditions regularly. 30 days before we update our terms and conditions, we notify you to give you the possibility to check them before the update. If you keep using our services, you automatically agree with the new terms and conditions. Of course, we hope you are happy with Gymeration and want to keep using it. However, if you do not agree with our updates, you have the possibility to delete your account and stop using our services.

4.2. Suspending or deleting accounts

We at Gymeration take respect and politeness very seriously. We want people to feel welcome and comfortable in our community. If a user violates our terms and conditions, we can and in most cases will take the appropriate measures. We can suspend accounts or completely deactivate or delete them. Also, we suspend or deactivate accounts, if we are obliged by law to do so. If we have suspended or deactivated your account by mistake, please send us a mail at

If you delete or we deactivate your account, these terms and conditions do not apply anymore, except the following points: 3 and 4.2. to 4.5.

4.3. Limitation of liability

We can’t guarantee that our app and website work without delay, bugs or interruptions at all times. But we are constantly working on offering our services without any restrictions.
As long as we’ve acted with care and according to our knowledge, we do not take any liability for possible loss or damage, which were not caused by violating our terms and conditions or through our actions, and also loss or damage which could not be foreseen.
We are not responsible for any offensive, discriminating, illegal or inappropriate content, which users spread on our app, or for incidents out of our control.
This does not exclude our liability for death, personal damage or deceitful misrepresentation, if caused by our negligence. However, we are not responsible for death or personal damage or any other issues, if it was caused by a user or content created by a user on Gymeration (e.g. recipe or workout). We create Gymeration with our best knowledge and care; however, we cannot guarantee complete safety or that nobody gets hurt using these features.

This limitation of liability does not exclude or limit our liability for any illegal actions.